September 24, 2014


While current clients are your business’s bread and butter, new clients are your future. We work in one of the nation’s largest industries, where there is always a need, but competition can be cutthroat. Here, our tips for how to land the client you want.

1.     Be the best resource available to them for the project they are building.
Don’t just be the lowest bid, and don’t wait until you’ve won the contract to offer your expertise. Give them everything you’ve got. This will allow them to determine if they need you. (Which they do.)

2.     During the pre-construction process, be transparent.
Don’t be shifty. Don’t try too hard to please them. Don’t say you’ve done something you haven’t. If the client has unrealistic goals or expectations of the project, tell them. In doing so, you will gain their confidence. This confidence is essential in allowing you to move from pre-construction to the building process.

3.     Have equal or larger project experience in your client’s field.
Every company is different. You know your company’s experience, your expertise, and your field of specialty. Go after clients who are developing in the same field, who you know will benefit from your unique experience. Offer them something in addition to top-level construction services. Maybe it’s knowledge of a specific location or environment. Maybe it’s working within particular budgetary or time constraints. Maybe it’s industry specific.

At D&D, we specialize in hospitality and resort management. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry – Disney, Marriott, Hampton Inn, Sheraton – but we still bring something unique to the table. After successfully completing over one thousand contracts of many different types, we are able to say with confidence that we can meet the challenges of the most demanding clients and their projects’ needs. This experience and expertise is what allows us to continue to land new clients in this highly competitive field.

In order to succeed, you must find your own area of expertise, and seek out the clients who need it, and show them why they need you.

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